Eyal is a well-established New York-based producer, engineer and mixer, with a vast range of experience in studio and live mixing. Eyal has produced, recorded and mixed many major artists in some of the world's most recognized studios. He has worked with top artists in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from rock, hip hop and reggae to jazz, classical and electronic music. His FOH experience includes some of the globe's leading venues from small clubs to grand festivals. His strong roots in studio mixing give him the ability to deliver the same precision and unique quality of sound he's known for in the studio to a live mixing environment. His deep knowledge and experience from working in a wide range of musical styles in highly professional environments, allows Eyal to make every mix shine. With his expertise in mixing and his years of experience in both studio and live he is considered one of New York City's leading mixing engineers. Currently Eyal is the owner and chief engineer of LIC Sound in New York.